Area Rug Cleaning in Rockwall, TX Area

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You have a beautiful area rug, probably one that is the center of attention in the room because you love it so much.  You spent the money on it and we’re sure you want it to last for a long, long time.  So our question to you is, why do anything that might damage or shorten the life of that rug?

There are certain things – simple things – you can do to maintain the life and quality of your rug and avoid damaging it.

How To Maintain Your Rug

Vacuum Regularly

As with most things, maintenance is key.  Don’t wait for spills or for your rug to get visibly dirty to clean it.  Every day, a little bit of dust settles on it. If you have pets, then add pet hair and dirt to that list.  Vacuum the rug on a regular basis to keep dirt from settling in and sticking to the fibers.

Rotate Your Rug Once A Year To Keep Wear Even

Once a year, you’ll want to rotate your rug.  You’ll notice then you tend to walk on the same area of the rug most of the time; rotating it will even out the wear on the rug and prevent one spot from looking visibly worn.

Use Furniture Coasters To Avoid Dents/Damage

The best option is to keep furniture off the rug. But if you do put furniture on the rug, be sure to put furniture coasters underneath the legs to prevent dents and damage to the rug.

What Not To Do

  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean rug.

  • Do not pour water on the rug to clean it.  It can bleed the dyes and soak through to the floor underneath.

  • Do not put your rug in direct sunlight, as the light will cause the colors to fade. (Use shades/curtain if it’s kept in a brightly lit room as much as you can)

Why A Professional Service?

Maintaining your rug is a big step in preserving it.  The other part of the equation is getting it professionally cleaned once a year or so.  At Doiggs, we have the proper equipment and cleaners to thoroughly remove mold, dirt, pet odors and more from your rug without damaging it. Attempting to ‘professionally’ clean yourself, such as using water and/or chemicals, can damage the rug, make dyes, run, and pull apart fabrics.

Doiggs is the ultimate professional in area rug cleaning.  Please contact us today and let us prove it.

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