After a fire, you may experience a variety of feelings. You may want to give up, or despair of ever getting things cleaned up. You may want to roll up your sleeves and tackle the mess. Before you get busy cleaning of these things, check out the tips below to protect your remaining home and belongings.

Don’t Transfer the Damage It may be tempting to try to remove things that were not damaged by the fire. However, it’s crucial that you do not walk through your house and risk transferring soot and dirt from the burned area to undamaged areas. If you do need to walk through areas of your home repeatedly, lay sheets or towels on the floor to reduce the risk of transfer. Don’t Touch Anything Electronic Heat damage can make any electrical appliance a hazard if the coating on the wiring melted.

Let the professionals come in and check out the situation first. Never spray a wet cleaner or use a damp cloth on an appliance that’s been exposed to a fire. If the device is now ungrounded, you may become the ground, and the risk of shock is too dangerous. If You Can Safely Get To the Furnace, Change the Filter Any item that moves air around your home may have a filter. Change these to reduce moving soot around your space. A simple step in fire damage restoration is only to cycle clean air through the building.

Toss Food There are several things in your home that can release a toxic substance when burned, and this residue can cling to other items in your home. Go through your cupboards and throw away any food that has been exposed to the smoke or directly burned by the fire for your safety and that of your family. Let the Professionals Do the Cleaning Cleanup and fire damage restoration are a whole new world of cleaning. You may want to start scrubbing that soot, but you can expose yourself to particles that could have a long-lasting impact on your health. Protect yourself, your family, and your undamaged belongings by letting the experts at Doiggs Restoration assess your home and clean up the damage.

Final Thoughts A fire is a tragedy, and you may feel helpless after this experience. Grabbing some rags and a bucket might be your first response once you’re ready to face your home again. However, you will be much safer in the long run by letting the experts clean the space. Don’t compound the tragedy by injuring yourself, putting your family at risk or spreading the fire damage by doing your cleanup.