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Floor Restoration

If the flooring in your home, business, or commercial building could use a bit of TLC, flooring restoration services from Doigg’s bring back the vibrancy and life of your hardwood floors.

Seamlessly Repair Damages Or Neglect

While few other flooring options compare to the beauty of natural hardwood floors, when neglected or left in disrepair, it takes away from the allure of your property. Our restoration experts bring back the charm to your hardwood floors.

Types of damages we repair include:

Water Damage – If your flooring got damaged due to flooding, broken appliances, or other causes, our team remedies the problem professionally. We use a tested process to remove stains, repair rot, and get your floors looking fantastic.

Pet Damage – Pets are always a great addition to the family. However, when they have accidents inside your house, it can result in odors and damages that are difficult to remove. In addition to removing pet odors, we can also repair scratches and other pet-related damages.

Renovation Projects – No matter whether you are ripping up old carpeting in your existing home and you discover hardwood floors underneath, or you’re an investor rehabbing a property for sale, our flooring restoration team is here to help. Our services aid in renewing and restoring your flooring to its natural glory.

Normal Wear And Tear – Every floor is prone to damages from ordinary use. Our floor restoration services help to remove blemishes and damages that result from everyday life – polishing and staining help to breathe new life into lackluster hardwood floors of all ages and conditions.

Improve The Visual Appeal Of Your Residence

Refinishing the hardwood floors in your home or commercial building increases the value of your property while enhancing the charm and visual appeal.

Our expert team of floor refinishers uses state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean and polish your hardwood floors.

We make dingy, dull floors shine brightly and beautifully once again. We can help with everything from sanding, to polishing, to staining, and completing regular maintenance work on your wood flooring.

Leave The Hard Work To Our Experts

Refinishing and restoring hardwood floors can be quite an undertaking, especially if you don’t have the time, skills, or equipment to do the job right.

When you leave your floor restoration needs in our capable hands, you reap the benefits of having beautiful looking flooring that meets every professional standard. Let us help you save time and spare you labor-intensive work!

If you have a hardwood restoration or revitalization project in your future, call us first. We are always happy to provide estimates on all of our floor cleaning and restoration services.

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