Pet urine can cause damage to your property, floors, and fabrics not to mention an unhealthy indoor environment. The longer urine stays without treatment it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. 

When urine is deposited on fabric, it begins to oxidize and create some fabric discoloration. If left for days or weeks, depending on the material, it can change the dye structure, causing permanent staining.

We use high-intensity ultraviolet lighting to locate the spot and also electronic urine probe meters. Once we find the problem area we then can determine the best method for attacking the cause.

There are different methods we can use to treat the urine below the surface. Which one is needed varies from case to case, and will be determined upon inspection. The technician can explain to you in great detail every step necessary.

Be cautious of store bought products with oxygen bleaches and high pH levels. These products can leave the carpet with an incorrect pH level and a residue, causing the carpet to attract dirt and possible permanent discoloration.

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