Rug Pads in Rockwall,
TX Area

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If you are going to be purchasing new carpeting for your home, then you should be aware that we here at Doiggs can take care of all your flooring needs. In addition to offering a wide array of carpet and flooring choices, we provide products and services to assist you with keeping your rugs in optimal condition.

We recommend that you purchase rug pads because there are many advantages of doing so. Here are some advantages of rug pads:


Since rug pads adhere to the floor and the rug, ensuring that your rug remains in place, it keeps you and anyone else who walks on the rug safe from possible slips and falls.

How They’re Made

The rug pads you get from Doiggs are made special for rugs with a particularly dense felt and have a non-slip backing that can be used on slick surfaces as well as used on carpeted floors to prevent movement.

Our highly dense rug pads add new life to the rug by not allowing it to move as much as it would if it were on a carpet or rubber type pad, increasing the overall functionality and safety. Additionally, the more the rug moves when walked on the quicker it breaks down so the lifespan of your rug is improved.

Increased cleanliness

Keeping carpet and rugs clean can sometimes to be difficult, especially if you have children and pets. One way that rug pads contribute to cleanliness is by improving air flow. Improved airflow makes vacuuming more effective, increasing the ease that you’re able to clean with, as well as the amount of debris you’re able to remove.

Another way that rug pads increase cleanliness is due to their ability to absorb any liquids that may be spilled on the rug. This decreases the chances of the spill reaching the floor underneath the rug, which could result in staining and even damage.

So if you would like more information about rug pads or any of the other services and products that we offer, then contact us and we will provide you with immediate assistance.

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