If you are ready for new kitchen floors, you have a few options. You can try to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the customized work for you at a reasonable rate. Choosing new kitchen floors can quickly become an overwhelming task, mentally and physically. One must consider various aspects, such as the use of the kitchen floors and much more.

Consider the Functionality

Firstly, consider the traffic of the kitchen, and how much it’s used (or forecasted to be used). Is there a lot of cooking that happens? Are a lot of parties being hosted with heavy kitchen usage? Are there pets in the home? Do children use the kitchen quite a bit? If any of these applies in one’s particular kitchen situation, it’s safe to say that the kitchen floor will need to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, unexpected spills, and dishes that are inadvertently dropped. For these kinds of scenarios, the best options are tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate. One’s lifestyles needs need to be considered, as well as one’s preferred option when choosing from these narrowed down options.

Different Kitchen Flooring Options

Luxury vinyl is durable over time, doesn’t scratch easily, is waterproof, and it has a protective layer over the top that equates to easy maintenance and clean-up. Laminate has four layers that also absorb heavy usage and protects against burns and stains as well. It’s reasonably priced, easy to install, and comes in many styles and colors. Tile is a great, classic choice. It’s easy to clean and resistant to scratching as well. Something to consider with tile is that it can get quite cold and doesn’t have the most cushion, so for this kind of flooring, kitchen carpets may be considered, though this kind of flooring could be perfect for pets looking for a cool spot in the hot summers. While acknowledging the beauty and functionality, it’s imperative to consider the durability of the product, and the maintenance as well. For some, tile may not be an option as the area between the tiles may need some extra maintenance, or maybe the laminate may not be an option due to it not being natural, for those who want a more natural appeal within their home.

Flooring Contractor in Rockwall

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Doiggs Restoration

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