Hardwood Floor
Cleaning in Rockwall,
TX Area


Wood floors over time can become dirty to the point that a traditional sweeping or mopping just can’t clean.

Doiggs can clean your wood floors.

Call and schedule an in-home estimate!

This can be performed on real sand & finish floors, and Hand scraped wood floors, engineered wood floors, glue-down wood floors and snap together wood floors. As long as it is real wood with a polyurethane coating and not a wax or acrylic finish, then we can perform this service.

Keep your floor clean! Dirt and sand tracked in under your feet can ruin the surface of wood floors, and any other flooring material, faster than anything else. No grit, no damage. Animals with sharp nails do NO good to your floor finish especially one with a high gloss that will show all blemishes

To help maintain your floor, do the following:

  • Blot up spills immediately.

  • Dust mop floors using an untreated mop and proper wood floor cleaner with a neutral ph of 7.

  • Use door mats and walk-off mats whenever possible to keep dirt and grit off the floor.

To inquire about RESTORATION: