Tile Cleaning Cleaning in Rockwall, TX, and Surrounding Counties

Just like carpet, tile and grout need cleaning also. Tile and grout is made of a very porous material that easily absorbs dirt.   Mopping this type of floor just doesn’t get the job done and you have better things to do than getting on your hands and knees with a toothbrush for several days.

Call Doiggs. We use truck mounted equipment and special agents that will get your tile and grout back to looking like it used to, saving you time, money and a sore back and knees.

Once we have your tile and grout back to its beautiful shine we recommend to seal the grout areas. The grout absorbs dirt and moisture and by sealing these areas it will stay clean much longer and easier to clean up spills.

Doiggs uses a solvent base sealant of the highest grade that helps prevent dirt from penetrating deep into the grout. It is not a shiny wax, once it is dry you will never notice it is there.

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