Carpet Stretching and Carpet Repair in Rockwall, TX Area

Carpet Stretching and Repair. There are several reasons that wrinkles occur in carpet and many variables can be involved. The most common is a faulty installation.  Doigg’s Carpet Care uses specialty tools and a power stretcher to stretch even the stiffest of carpets. Leaving wrinkled carpet unattended can worsen the situation and cause delamination where carpet backing becomes detached from the top.

Every stretch is unique in itself and needs to be quoted in person. Please call Doigg’s to give you a estimate on stretching out those unsightly wrinkles in your carpet.

  • Sometimes carpet can become damaged from things such as a cigarette burn or an animal trying to chew or claw its way under a door. Doigg’s Carpet Care can eliminate these eyesores with a patch.

  • We have the knowledge, experience, and special tools, all we need from you is the spare carpet. In cases where there is no carpet to spare we can take carpet from an unseen area like the back of a closet and swap the two areas.

“You recently came to our house to stretch our carpets & clean them. You did a fantastic job.”

Pam McCellon / Rockwall, TX

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