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At Doiggs, we serve as one of the Dallas area’s go-to businesses when customers need excellent service for their luxury rugs. We have experience with all types of fine rugs and our customers know they can count on our team for expert repairs.

  Here are some of the top services that we provide to our customers in the Dallas area:

Fringe Repair

When you choose Doigg’s for fringe repair, you will find that we offer both hand fringing and machine fringing. With hand fringing, we will rewrap your rugs edges by hand in order to keep the structure and color that already exists. Machine fringing is less time consuming, but only appropriate with certain rugs. We can also completely replace the fringe or remove it.

Edge Serging

The sides of your rugs need to be secured with thread in order to prevent unraveling. This is called serging. We offer both hand and machine serging at Doigg’s depending on the type of rug you have.

Edge Binding

We also offer binding services. This will prevent fraying and give your rug a finished look.


Patching is a repair that is often needed for luxury rugs and is both aesthetically and economically the best choice for most owners.


You might find that your luxury rug needs reweaving.  Though this is a time consuming repair, it can still be much more affordable than buying a new rug and we take time to clean and replace threads as we go. This can help your rug last for many decades to come.

Backing Repair

We have many types of backing to choose from depending on the type of rug you have.

Dye Stripping

Sometimes rugs with unstable dyes can cause bleeding problems from numerous reasons like improper cleaning, faulty drying and many times pet urine will cause the dyes to run. Dye Stripping is an art that Doiggs has experience in restoring rugs.

If you are looking for expert repairs for your fine area rug, contact Doigg’s. We proudly serve the Dallas area.

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