You want to have your fine area rug looking awesome for many years to come; enjoying its splendor and intricate design. The key to your area rug standing the test of time and looking great is to properly care for it, which in turn insures your pleasure and enjoyment for generations. What better way to protect your prized possession and insure its longevity than by hiring professionally cleaners and repairers?

What Does Rug Repair Entail?

Rug repair is usually more than removing a stain or patching together a small spot. Rug repairs range from simple to quite complex as it mostly depends upon the fiber, age and pattern. Over time, dirt, soil particles, sand and dust accumulate in your rug; accelerate wear and eventually damage the fibers. In the long run, such a dingy environment becomes very attractive to moth larvae and mold. Professional rug repairs might consist of edge binding, fringe repair, rug reweaving, patching and edge serging. When you hire a professional repair company to repair your rugs, you are extending the life of your floor covering; and as a result, you end up saving a fortune.

Should You Treat the Repair of Your Rug as a DIY?

While partly possible, attempting to have your rugs cleaned at home could mean the end of your heirloom. The wrong cleaning and repair processes could cause the rug to become discolored, tear, fall or even have severe water damage which could bring in an awful smell. Any time you need your rug repaired, you should always hire the services of a professional rug cleaning repair business. They will be able to carefully repair the rug while maintaining its quality.

How Should You Choose a Rug Repair Company?

When it comes to choosing the proper professional rug repairers, there are certain questions you should ask in lieu of what you want from the services rendered. The information given will help aid you in your decision so as to make sure your rug gets the best and most appropriate care:

How long has the company been in business?

Repairing of rugs is an art as well as a science and it takes time to acquire such fine expertise. It is best to choose a company that has been in business for a considerable amount of time. Their cleaning and repair professionals should also be highly qualified and experienced.

What specific training and certifications does the company have?

A serious company must have cleaning and repair professionals who are satisfied by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). An IICR certificate shows that your staffs are adequately trained in specific techniques that are applicable for every specific type of rug based on material, design, country of origin and whether it is a handmade or machine-made rug.

What Should the Company Charge You for their Services?

Professional rug repairers must provide you with an approximate quote before they pick up your rug for repair. Even though the price may increase or decrease based on more careful evaluation at the rug cleaning and repairing plant, the owner must be advised about it as soon as possible.

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