Water damage in your home can wreak a lot of havoc. Not only can it destroy your flooring, furniture, and other personal belongings, it threatens the integrity of your drywall. Trapped moisture in any of these mediums creates the perfect environment for mold to form. Fortunately, if you take action quickly, you can stop this unhealthy growth.


The Basics Of Black Mold


While black mold might not appear like a living organism, it is. Black mold requires water, oxygen, and a food source to thrive, and favored energy sources include wood and paper. Guess what? These are two primary structural components in most residential structures. Drywall paper backing is an optimal food source.


If your home is dry, you should have little reason to worry. Without moisture or access to water, mold can not form. However, if there is any hint of excess humidity, you could be headed for trouble.


Mold Removal And Remediation


Even when you make every effort to keep your home dry, sometimes unexpected things happen. No one wants to think about the problems that flooding, burst pipes, or a fire cause. Fortunately, mold removal and remediation services from Doiggs Restoration help to restore your property to pre-damage condition. They help to take care of details such as working with insurance adjusters, saving you time, and making the problem a little less stressful.


While we recommend contacting mild removal professionals, here are some tips for DIY mold removal.


Dry Out The Area

If your drywall has water damage, you’ll need to dry it out completely. Remove paintings, photos, and other wall decorations, including wallpaper, so it dries out faster.


Remove Baseboards And Molding

 Baseboards and molding provide the perfect environment for mold and moisture to hide. Always be sure to remove these items before drying things out.


Once your drywall is clear of extra items, you can start the drying process. Open windows, use dehumidifiers and fans to circulate fresh air and remove all moisture. If you’re unsure whether you’ve removed all water, consulting a mold removal company is a smart move.


They have the experience and specialized tools available to assess your drywall. If needed, they can provide additional support in the cleanup process. Once you’ve confirmed that everything is thoroughly dried, you can redecorate your walls and return to regular life.


Black Mold Removal In Fort Worth, Texas


Black mold in your home puts everyone and everything at risk. The sooner you stop this fast-moving bacteria from flourishing in your home, the better it is for your family, health, and future.


If you need assistance with mold remediation services in Fort Worth or surrounding Texas communities, please contact Doiggs Restoration for a free estimate.