A fire is devastating in itself. Between the flames, the smoke, and the fumes, almost everything will be affected by the fire. In addition to all of the fire and smoke restoration that will be needed, there will be significant damage that’s caused by the water that’s used to put out the fire. Cleaning up after a fire is not an easy task. Here are some things to think about if you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire. Getting Rid of the Water It takes an incredible amount of water to battle a fire. And, all of that water will settle somewhere. One of the first things that your insurance company will want is for the water to be dried out so that the damage can be fully assessed. The water left over after a fire is contaminated by all of the soot and other contaminants from the fire, and needs to be handled carefully. This is where we can help. Our team of specialists has all of the equipment and knowledge to manage all aspects of water damage restoration. What damage can the water cause? Water is a mighty force of nature. When it’s allowed to sit and pool, the damage caused can be just as severe as the fire damage. Here a few things to note about water damage after a fire.

  • Some of the wood may be able to be saved if it doesn’t get too wet. If water is allowed to sit and pool on top of the wood, it can cause more damage, sometimes making it unusable.

  • Bacteria will start to grow in the water almost immediately, spreading into other areas of your home’s structure.

  • Moist, damp areas are ideal growing grounds for mold and mildew. The spores produced by mold and mildew can cause severe respiratory issues for some people.

Saving What You Can It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your possessions are a total loss because of fire, smoke, or water damage. Once everything is dry, we’ll be able to fully assess the actual damage, determining whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Restoring Your Home At Doiggs Restoration, our initial, primary focus is on getting the water dried out after the fire is extinguished. Time is money. We realize the urgency of getting everything dry as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage caused by both the fire and the water. Then, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to evaluate what can be cleaned and restored, and what should be replaced. The cleanup after a fire is two-fold. You’re dealing with both fire and water damage. Having the right company take care of both issues is the most efficient way to protect your valuables. Give us a call today and let your emergency become our priority. We’ll quickly get your home on the path to recovery.