Regardless what type of flooring you have in your home – carpets, hard wood, tile, etc. – stains happen. However, when you have an oriental rug, it will require a higher level of care than other flooring options. Ensuring that the rug remains in good condition is all about the cleaning technique that you use. While this is not necessarily an easy process, it is also not as difficult as you may think. Some tips that will help you protect your rug are highlighted here.


Vacuum Weekly


You cannot keep your home clean if you do not vacuum the floors regularly. However, if you own an oriental rug, this is even more important. These rugs have intricate, woven patterns that make it difficult to see stains. When you vacuum the surface, it will allow you to suck up any loose dirt and crumbs and allow you to notice any spills, stains and blotches that may be present. If you vacuum the rug at least once weekly, it will prevent the buildup of dust particles, which can cause worn spots on the rug’s surface.


Implement a “No Shoes” Rule


Purchasing an oriental rug is a significant investment. This means that you are likely dedicated to keeping it clean and well-maintained. No matter the type you own – Chinese, Indian or Persian woven – it is likely beautiful and adds value and style to your space. The first rule you should implement to ensure it is protected is a “no shoes” policy. This includes everyone!


If you live in a home that gets a large amount of traffic from pets, children and guests, then you need to be sure that you set your home up to ensure minimal damage. You need to be sure that everyone understands that they must be barefoot at all times. Shoes will drag in all types of undesirable materials, such as allergens, pollutants, bacteria, germs and dirt. When you have everyone remove their shoes, you will add years of value and life to your rug.


Rug Rotation


If your home is busy with activity, then working to prevent your rug from starting to look worn out is essential but can present a challenge. If your rug is located in an area with a large amount of traffic, such as the master bedroom or living room, you should be sure to rotate it very few months. When you do this, it will help to even out the rugs wear and ensure that the surface is evenly exposed to traffic and sunlight, which can save you higher maintenance costs down the road.


Invest in the Longevity of Your Rug


If you are ready to invest in the longevity of your oriental rug, then you need to contact Doiggs today. Here you can talk with professionals who understand how to properly care for these rugs and ensure they continue to look great years down the road. Proper care and preventative maintenance for your rug will ensure it continues to look great and provide a value-adding element to your home years down the road. To learn more about Doiggs Rug Cleaning please visit our website.