All rugs require a great deal of regular maintenance. Rugs accumulate dirt very rapidly and they start to lose their color and crisp texture fairly quickly as a result of improper care. You need to familiarize yourself with an area rug’s composite rug fibers and rug category in order to understand how to care for the rug properly. Professional rug cleaners already know this information in order to clean a given rug effectively.

Rug Maintenance Tips

Wool or kilim area rugs retain dirt very effectively and need to be vacuumed frequently. It’s important to avoid using hot water on area rugs, since it could cause the colors to fade and it might also cause the fibers of the rug to shrink. Washing rugs manually with soap and water is almost always going to damage them. Getting rugs wet can promote the growth of mold. Even getting many rugs slightly wet, especially colorful Oriental rugs, can cause the colors to fade and to run.

Even the tidiest of people are going to spill something on their rugs at some point. Spills have to be dealt with immediately. Applying a dry towel to the affected area so the towel can absorb the liquid can make a difference, and so can using a wet suction extractor on the area. However, some spills still aren’t going to come out unless you get the entire rug professionally cleaned.

One of the biggest hazards facing rugs is sunlight. Sun fading is going to be a problem with rugs regardless of their composition. You need to keep your rugs out of direct sunlight in general, using shades and sun films on windows to protect them.

Rugs Can Heighten Your Allergies

Rugs still have to be cleaned fairly regularly in order to avoid the threat of dust mites. Many people have dust mite allergies, making it that much more important to fight dust mites. Regular vacuuming can reduce the dust mite problem. However, it often takes professional cleaning in order to completely get rid of them. Rugs can be traps for bacteria and all sorts of hazards, and people need to find a way to keep them really clean for the sake of interior air quality.

Getting Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Professional rug cleanings can make all the difference in the appearance of your rug. The risk of damaging expensive kilim rugs and other costly rugs by washing them manually is often too great. Professionally cleaning rugs can save you money since this will improve the lifespan of your rugs and avoid damaging them.

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