Pet odors stop you in your tracks. You know that distinct smell, and when you locate it, you do your best to rid your home of it. Dogs and cats are the most common culprits, but any animal can leave traces of odor. You can buy sprays and powders to help get the odor out, but those things never do the job completely because they only mask the smell with deodorizers. Within days, you smell the same repulsive odors. The best plan to remove all your pet odors is to call a professional odor removal company.

Causes of Pet Odors

Pets all have a unique smell to them, and they pass that smell onto your rugs, carpet, and upholstery by leaving hair and oils from their skin. Plus, if you don’t bathe your pet often or not at all (like with cats) then they get musty and that transfers onto things in your home. Furthermore, cat urine is a difficult odor to remove, no matter what you try. Urine and feces of any type can stain anything in your home that is cloth.

If your pet has allergies or fleas, then he or she probably scratches a lot. This dander that is shed from the scratching lands onto your rugs, carpet, and upholstery and creates an odor after awhile. Along the same lines, if your pet has an injury or an illness, such as decaying teeth or a sore that takes a long time to heal, then those things can lead to odors around your home.

What You Can Do to Prevent Odors

There are some preventative measures that you can take with your pets. First of all, bathe them regularly, depending on how dirty your pet gets. If you have a cat, you may want to take it to get bathed by a grooming specialist. Also, keep your pet on a schedule of allergy medication or flea medication if the situation warrants those things.

You can also try to use store-bought cleansers if you have a stain on your rug, carpet, or upholstery. The downfall of these products is that you don’t know if the cleanser has removed the entire stain or odor because the product doesn’t penetrate through the entire rug or carpet. You are not a professional so buying cleaning products for your furniture and carpets can also damage them.

Another method of cleaning your items is to use laundry soap and hot water. This can be effective on some stains and surfaces, but what people aren’t aware of is that this method can shrink the fibers in your rug or carpet and leave you with a problem. Also, mold might remain hidden inside your items, which can leave you with ruined belongings, which you will have to discard.

Bring in the Experts

The best solution to remove pet odors is to call an odor removal specialist. One reputable company in the Dallas and Rockwall, Texas area is Doiggs Carpet Care and Restoration. They offer carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning, as well as many other cleaning and restoration services. Call Doiggs today for a free estimate, and you can leave all the hard work to them and set your mind at ease. Once your house is odor-free, you can take in a big breath and relax!