As a homeowner, you bear a significant responsibility to maintain and care for your home and property. As you can imagine, keeping the hardwood floors you invested in properly maintained and cared for helps to ensure their longevity.

To help you extend the life and beauty of your wood floor, here are few simple tips from a trusted flooring company for maintaining and protecting your hardwood flooring.


Keep It Dry


One of the first lines of defense in keeping your hardwood floors looking terrific is by wetness prevention. Water and other liquids that come into contact with hardwood flooring can be harmful to the finish or the deep fibers of the wood. If it penetrates to the core, crowning, cupping, or curling at the edge of planks may occur.


Luckily, today’s hardwood flooring offers more water-resistance than previous generations of flooring. Regardless, you’ll want to absorb visible spots of water, puddles, or spilled liquids as quickly as possible.


Cover It


The use of area rugs, hallway runners, stair runners, and kitchen rugs are useful for protecting wooden floors throughout your home. Carpets help to protect the flooring in high-traffic areas such as entranceways, foyers, and staircases. Instead of people walking directly on the floor with potentially wet or dirty shoes or feet, the rug provides a comfortable barrier. The use of mats in areas including around sinks help to absorb water before it has a chance to hit the floor. Rugs or mats should get placed in front of all entrances and doorways for the best results.


Take Care When Moving Furniture


Wooden floors can easily get scratched when furniture gets moved carelessly. Regardless of how large or small the furniture piece is, never ‘slide’ it on a wooden floor. Instead, lift the item and carry it to your preferred location. While you are doing this, be sure to add sliders or pads to each leg to help protect against scratching after placement.


Seal The Floor


Hardwood flooring sealant helps to safeguard against both scratching and moisture. While this step adds an expense to caring for your floor, it provides as long as three years of extra protection against wear and usage.


Floor Cleaning


Following advised floor cleaning instructions helps keep your wood floor looking spiffy all year long. Daily sweeping – by hand or with the help of a hardwood friendly robot sweeper – clears away debris that is harmful to wooden surfaces. Polishing helps add a sparkle! Always be sure to follow the care instructions provided by the flooring company, manufacturer, or custom installer.


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