Many people suffer from allergies and respiratory problems due to poor air quality in their home. From allergens to dust, it can be easy to breathe in air that can impair the health. To ensure that you improve your air quality and can breath easier, there are a few important steps to take throughout the year in each season.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is one of the most effective tools that you can use in the home to cleanse the air of toxins and dust that have accumulated due to the use of products or from outside air getting in. The air purifier can run for several hours in each room of the home to improve its quality and make it healthier to breathe in for residents. Choose a product that features a HEPA filter, which will prevent the dust from recirculating by immediately trapping it.

Keep the Windows Closed

It’s important to keep your windows and door closed to prevent outside air or pollutants from getting into your home. Check the air quality of the local area by downloading an app on your phone or by checking the news to determine if there are days that are healthier than others to keep the windows open. You can also install new windows for more insulation that prevents air from seeping in.

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Allergens and dust can quickly accumulate in the carpet after being present in the air. Scheduling to have your carpets cleaned by a professional will remove dirt that is trapped in the fibers of the carpet to reduce the risk of asthma and prevent allergy attacks from occurring. The carpets should be professionally cleaned every three months to maintain clean air in the home with a green-certified solution that is used, which is safe for both children and pets who live in the house. This will also prevent bacteria from developing in the carpet due to germs that are tracked in and are present in areas of traffic.

Install New Air Filters

The air filters that you use can easily circulate pollen or dust that are captured when your HVAC system is operating throughout the year. Replace the air filter every few months to ensure that the air circulates cleaner air that is purified. This will also prevent certain odors or smells from developing in the home, which can be caused by tobacco use or pets that live on the property.

Clean the Air Ducts

Schedule an air duct cleaning to create a healthier environment to live in, which requires the use of a high-powered blower and a HEPA filter vacuum to pull the dust out of the home. This works to dislodge the debris that has accumulated in the ducts to prevent the home from becoming polluted inside of the home. The entire ventilation system can be cleaned with individual lines vacuumed to ensure that nothing is overlooked with a thorough process that is used.

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