As a property owner, one of the worst things you can find flourishing inside of your home or structure is mold.

Mold is a bacteria that can cause severe damages in the places where it grows and poses a severe threat to humans and animals’ wellbeing and health. If you haven’t taken the time to find out more about mold, here are some interesting facts worth knowing.


Viable And Nonviable Mold

When it comes to mold, there are two types. Viable, and nonviable. Viable mold is a fungus that’s actively growing and has favorable conditions, including moisture and energy sources, for survival. Nonviable mold has stopped growing due to unfavorable conditions or lack of a food source.


While you might downplay your concerns of having nonviable mold, this issue shouldn’t get overlooked. Indeed, it won’t continue to grow and spread, but what it will do is release spores into your living environment. These microscopic organisms can aggravate respiratory symptoms, cause allergic reactions, or cause other serious health-related issues.


You Need To Test For Mold

If you see mold growing anywhere in your home, you don’t need testing to confirm what you already suspect. The sooner you schedule mold removal services from a mold remediation specialist such as Doiggs Restoration, the better. It’s worth noting that mold is most often grey, greenish, or black. Other colors, including purple, brown, pink, red, and orange, are also possible. In some cases, it can grow and have a combination of colors. Access to food sources, humidity, and available light contribute to the coloring.


Humidity Fuels Mold Growth

Any environment with high humidity levels is prone to mold and fungus growth. For this reason, it’s critical to ensure adequate ventilation in areas of your home frequently exposed to moisture, such as your bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, and kitchen. By adequately ventilating these areas, spores and mold can’t take root and start multiplying.


Ordinary Cleaning Doesn’t Kill Off Mold

While a standard cleaning can remove visible mold from the surface, it isn’t enough to complete full mold remediation and eliminate it from your living area. Mold thrives in places like cracks, crevices, and raw materials, including wood and drywall.


Contact Doiggs Restoration For Mold Remediation In Rockwall, Texas


Without mold remediation, mold and fungus can cause severe structural damage that can compromise the value and safety of your home, so this problem is quite intense. When you discover mold in your home, “nipping the problem in the bud” is your best line of defense to avoid more significant issues down the road. Residential and commercial property owners in Rockwall, Texas, can rely on the mold removal experts at Doiggs Restoration for all of their mold remediation needs.