Have you identified water damage in your home? If so, you may be wondering if the water damage is recent or it’s been there for quite some time. You want to see whether the water damage is new or old so that you can get an idea of how much damage you’re dealing with and identify the root cause of the problem.

1. What Material Was Damaged?


Water affects materials in different ways. If stone, hard tile, or brick has deteriorated, then it means it’s been exposed to water for a long time. As for water damage done to wood flooring, carpets, or drywall, you see the effects of water damage in a short period. Whatever the material is, you will need to consider water damage remediation to deal with the loss.


2. Signs that Show on Drywall, Wood Flooring, and Carpets


One of the telltale signs of long term water damage is wet rings. These are water stains that form as the water makes its way into the material and discolors it. The water will dry out but leave behind a circular and brown stain. This means that the damage is old, and it hasn’t been dealt with properly.


3. Feel the Texture of the Material


The texture of the material will give you another hint into figuring if the water damage is new or old. Touch the carpet to see how worn out the fabric is. The more worn out it is, it’s likely been exposed to water for a long time. For wood flooring, check if the wood has gotten softer and if the coating has worn off. This is a sign of old damage. Finally, the drywall will be soft and may even crumble if the water damage is old.


4. Check for Extensive Mold Growth


Mold can grow reasonably fast when materials are exposed to water. So what you need to check for is the extent of mold growth. If the growth is extensive, then it’s very likely the water damage is old. Water damage remediation becomes very important when you have a lot of mold growth. In many cases, it may mean having to take safety precautions and throw out the material.


If you’re dealing with extensive water damage in your home, you need an experienced company to clean up your home and identify the source of the damage. Doiggs Restoration can help restore your home to a livable condition. We run inspections, use specialized equipment, and will also work with your insurance company. Learn more about how we can help by visiting our site.