Are wool rugs worth cleaning?

Walk into any home with a wool rug today and you will realize what an important addition it is. It complements the appearance of any space it is placed. Wool rugs are made of natural fibers that absorb dirt easily. Accumulated dirt such as dust in the wool rugs makes them lose their attractiveness. It is also unhealthy to live in a room with dirty wool rugs as it may lead to respiratory complications. So yes, wool rugs are worth cleaning to maintain their value and quality.

If you own a wool rug, it is important to know how to keep it clean. Remember it is an investment and you want it to serve you for a longer period.

Keeping your wool rug clean

There are several methods of keeping your wool rug clean. Their usage depends on how the dust, dirt and debris have engulfed it. Here are some of these methods;

1. Airing and shaking out

This should be your first step towards keeping your wool rug clean. It is also the simplest method of cleaning your wool rug. It is advisable to take your wool rug outside every five to six days. Once you take it outside, shake out the dirt particles while hanging the rug on a line. A good shake out eliminates dust and dirt from that had engulfed the wool

rugs fabric.

Once you have shaken out the dirt, hang the rug in an open place for a couple of hours. This eliminates any bad odors on the rug that may have been caused by the dirt.

2. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaners should be used only after shaking out has proven to be incapable of removing dirt. A vacuum cleaner is more effective on your wool rug when used oftenly as opposed to periodical usage. Apart from removing stubborn dirt, a vacuum cleaner is important during the first years of your wool rug. Why so? It helps clean out the excess wool fibers left after its weaving. There are a few tips to how you can effectively use a vacuum cleaner to clean your wool rug. Here they are;

  • Vacuum height- Set the vacuums height to ‘high’. This ensures the rotating brushes do not agitate your wool rug. Excess agitation will destroy the wool fibers that lead to shrinkage.

  • Keep your vacuum bag less than half full for fast and efficient sucking.

  • Turn your wool rug upside down and vacuum the downside too

3. Cleaning stains

Once you notice stains on your wool rug clean them immediately, failure to which they will become permanent. To effectively clean stains use a wet white cloth and press it on the stain repeatedly. Don’t scrub stains with brushes as this will shrink your wool rug. While cleaning stains, avoid using bleaching agents as these will reduce the quality of your rug.

4. Professional cleaning

After a period, it is advisable to seek professional cleaning services for your wool rug. This helps in removing tough stains and debris on your wool rug that can otherwise not be removed by the previously described methods. The frequency of professional cleaning can be increased if you own pets in your house, or you have a large family.

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