Your home can experience flooding for many different reasons. How you deal with this emergency can be the difference in cost and damages that may occur. If you find yourself having to deal with unexpected water damage, it is best to follow the below steps immediately.

Call a Professional Restoration Company


To make sure the process is handled in the safest manner possible, it is best always to call a professional first. Even if you take further steps to assist clean-up, the faster a restoration company is en route; further damages can be prevented. When working with a company that specializes in water damage restoration, you can rest assured they not only have the right equipment for the job but also experience dealing with these types of issues.


Keep Your Family Safe


When water damage occurs, the number one priority for you and your family is safety. As we all know, electricity and water don’t mix, and a home is run on a constant supply of power. Make sure to cut electricity to the house immediately before treading through standing water. In addition to electrical safety, floodwaters can house bacteria, and if not dealt with correctly, can lead to dangerous mold in the future.


Salvage Your Belongings


Although some items may become ruined by flooding, it is best to protect as many of your belongings as possible. Focus on sentimental items first like family photos and heirlooms before changing your attention to mundane items like furniture, which can be replaced by insurance if your coverage allows.


Start Removing Water


Any water that can be removed before the professionals arrive will only help minimize the potential damages. This can be done several ways from using a bucket to remove pooling water to fans drying out baseboards and floors. Any effort in this process will go a long way in the end.


Use these steps in the event you ever encounter water damage to your home. If you are located in Rockwall, Texas, or the surrounding areas, then call Doiggs Restoration immediately.