There is no doubt that new flooring is a terrific way to uplift the appearance of your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting in a new hardwood floor in the kitchen or plush carpeting for the entire house, renovation projects are demanding.


Installing new flooring requires some amount of planning and work on your part to complete.


Getting Ready For Flooring Installation


It should not surprise anyone that all furniture and other objects must get moved away from the areas where new flooring is to get installed. Unless you are moving into an empty new home, this means you have some moving work to do before installers arrive.


Here are considerations to think about before you embark on a new flooring project.


What is the size of your flooring project? Are you planning on putting new flooring in a single room or your entire house? If your plan only involves a single room, temporarily shifting furniture to another area of your home is relatively simple. However, if you are reflooring your entire home, things can get a little more complicated. You will need to shift everything that sits on the floor to a location that isn’t affected by the renovations.


Another crucial factor to consider is how long the project is expected to take. If you are doing the project on short notice, you might need to change your game plan to shift your furniture.


If you have a significantly more substantial home, you might have more options than a smaller home. For instance, you might be able to move your furniture into a spare bedroom or your garage while the work gets completed. If you live in a smaller space, your options may be more limited. However, there are still other solutions available. Depending on the nature of your budget, you may want to hire someone to help you move items to a temporary storage unit while the work gets completed.


Options For Moving Your Furniture


Depending on the flooring company you work with, you may have an option for them to handle furniture moving.


Some flooring contractor companies offer furniture moving services. It’s a fantastic option to take, primarily because it saves you time and hard work. Keep in mind adding this service can increase the costs and expenses associated with the project.


Reflooring several rooms at the same time will be more challenging. You may need to shift items from one place to the next as the work progresses. It’s a lot of work to do things this way, but the advantage is the furniture stays in the house, reducing inconveniences. If this is not an option, consider using short-term storage solutions such as a garage, shed, or storage unit.


Garages and sheds are ideal because they don’t cost extra and you get to keep your belongings on-site. Garages and sheds serve as temporary homes to furniture that must be removed to accommodate for flooring projects. To reduce the chance for damages, make sure the area is waterproof, and not too dirty. After all, you’re putting your valuable household furnishings there for safekeeping. The most significant advantage of using your garage or shed is it costs nothing extra.


If you don’t have a shed or garage, a storage unit is worth considering. While it might add extra costs, it is a logical way to get everything out of the way for flooring contractors to work efficiently.


Talk To The Flooring Pros


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