When times for celebration come calling, wine is that one thing that has become part of our events and festivities. Wine is made for entertaining, increasing, and enhancing enjoyment at events. However, with mistakes being a common occurrence anywhere, it is unavoidable that one or two individuals at your party will slip and spill red wine on the carpet. No need to worry though, there are simple ways on how you can clean out the stain before it forms a permanent and ugly mark on that beautiful carpet.

Consulting a professional cleaner

Keep note that before you undertake the cleaning by yourself, make certain that the carpet does not have special cleaning requirements from the manufacturer. If it does, then it would be tricky to handle the activity by yourself. If you do it wrongly, you will only end up messing things further. It is therefore vital that you call your professional carpet cleaner for assured results in such a case.

Basic First Steps for All Stains

1. Blot up the Spilled wine right away

As soon as the red wine hits the carpet, be fast to get a paper towel or rag and blot the stain to pick up as much of the liquid as possible. The longer you delay and let it sit on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it. It soaks in and settles deep, making it hard to remove after some time.

Avoid rubbing when picking up the wine as this could force the rest to sip deeper into the carpet fibers and thus hard to remove. An up-and-down motion is advised. Also work from the outside in, making sure you blot the edges first and then move to the center to prevent the stain from getting any larger.

2. Apply some cold water and continue Blotting

After several rounds of dry blotting, the stain will become difficult to remove. At this point, get the stain wet again with some small amount of cold water and continue blotting. The water helps dilute the wine remaining in the carpet and make it easy to remove.

There are various different methods which you can utilize to make the stain removal process easier or more effective. They include using salt, a vinegar solution, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, and white wine with baking soda. In this article, we will only shine light on the Salt method.

Red wine stain removal using salt

a) Pour Salt over the stain while it’s still wet. Even with a good blotting job, some stain may still remain in the end. To get this out, try covering the spot with some generous portion of salt. Salt gradually draws out the moisture in the stain in a few hours.

b) Let the salt sit. As the salt granules absorb the red wine, you will observe it gradually turn pinkish. You can proceed when the stain seems completely dry.

c) Discard the excess salt and vacuum the carpet. Scoop away the loose salt with a spoon and then vacuum the fine particles left behind. The stain should be gone by now or at least greatly reduced.

However, for better and reliable tough stain removal, consider calling the Doiggs Carpet Cleaning experts. They ensure the correct chemicals; machines and drying techniques are used for best results.