It’s undeniable spring is in the air! With the change of the seasons comes the perfect time to clean away the dust bunnies, dirt, and debris that accumulate over the winter. Not surprisingly, your flooring is one of the most vulnerable areas for dirt accumulation inside your home, so clean these surfaces thoroughly helps to promote a healthier home.

To help you get a timely start on your spring cleaning tasks, here are some pointers on how to best clean the most popular flooring materials used today.

Tile Floors

Sweeping or vacuuming is the first step to thoroughly cleaning your tile floor by removing dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris from the surface. After lifting away surface impurities, ceramic tiles can get cleaned with a mop, warm water, and a cleaning solution approved by the manufacturer. If possible, avoid using sponge mops, as they may force dirt into the grout work.

Hardwood Floors

When cleaning hardwood floors, it’s essential not to use abrasive cleaning products as they can gouge or scratch the surface. To avoid potential damage, ensure you’re using a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer. If working with natural hardwood floors, avoid using water, and be sure to remove water from the surface as quickly as possible to stop stains, warping, and rot.

Vinyl Floors

Occasional sweeping and mopping is generally sufficient to keep your vinyl flooring looking terrific, even after a long winter. For best results, always use a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer to lift built-up dirt. Alternatively, you might use a small amount of ammonia to clean your vinyl floor safely this spring.

Laminate Floors

One of the best ways to clean laminate flooring is to use the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth or dust mop for regular cleaning. For best results, wipe wet areas allowing them to dry thoroughly. Take note that wet laminate flooring could be slippery, so take extra care when cleaning.

Carpeted Floors

Spring is always an ideal time to clean, and shampoo carpeted floors. Before using any carpet shampoo machine, it’s critical to use a powerful vacuum to lift away the surface and embedded dirt in carpet fibers. Always follow the recommended care instructions from the carpet manufacturer to extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Consult With A Professional Flooring Contractor

If you have specific questions about caring for your existing flooring, or you’re thinking about getting new flooring installed in your Rockwall, Texas area home, contact the flooring contractor professionals at Doiggs Restoration first. Our experienced and friendly flooring professionals are available to answer your questions and provide guidance and advice on your project. Reach out today!