One component of your HVAC system that’s easy to overlook, but essential not to forget, is your ductwork. While these integral parts of your heating and cooling unit are tucked quietly away behind your walls, they are most critical in delivering high-quality, treated air throughout your home or business.

After use and time, they can collect significant amounts of dust, dander, hair, and other debris that degrade air quality. Each time you turn on your central heat or air conditioning unit, these contaminants get blown around and circulated through your space.

How Often Is Air Duct Cleaning Needed?

Unfortunately, even the best air filters can’t catch all the particles and microscopic contaminants that enter your heating and cooling system. Generally, a thorough air duct cleaning should get completed every two to five years. Some factors, such as living an area with high pollution, construction, wind, or dust, could require more frequent cleanings. In households with people with allergies, respiratory difficulties, or other sensitivities to poor air quality, clean ductwork can be quite helpful in improving their living conditions. Even people without any underlying health conditions benefit from enhancing their environment.

Is There An Ideal Time To Schedule An Air Duct Cleaning?

There is never a wrong time to schedule a thorough air duct cleaning. However, spring and autumn are always popular seasons for completing this maintenance task. When switching from heating to cooling, this presents an excellent opportunity to blow out the dust while your HVAC system isn’t getting used heavily. It would be best if you considered a thorough duct cleaning after completing a significant interior renovation to remove dust and debris from the project.

What Are The Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

In some cases, you might be unsure whether your air ducts need cleaning. For instance, if you don’t know the maintenance records from a previous owner. To help you determine whether a duct cleaning is in order at your home, here are some of the signs and clues that could indicate a cleaning is in order. Inconsistent Air Flow – Inconsistent airflow into the rooms in your home could indicate blockages in the vents. Odd Noises In The Ducts – If you start hearing strange noises originating from the ducts, a cleaning helps to remove any more substantial items that are causing the sounds. Visible Mold – Mold and mildew are both reliable indicators that your ductwork should get cleaned as soon as possible. Each time your HVAC system is in use, these pollutions get circulated in your indoor air, which can pose serious health threats to people of all ages. Fortunately, professional duct cleaning services from Doiggs Restoration can help clear these impurities in your Rockwall, Texas home, or commercial building. Contact us today for more information!