Laminate floors are one of the more popular flooring options. At the same time, laminate does have its shortcomings. Today, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of laminate floors.

Pro 1: Cost

Laminate floors are likely the most affordable on the market. For lower-end laminate floors, you may be able to pay as low as one dollar per square foot. Even quality laminate floors typically don’t cost over five dollars a square foot.

Pro 2: Pet-Friendly

If your pet is known for making messes, laminate floors may be a good investment for you. Laminate floors are scratch-resistant, meaning your pet can’t scratch up this floor. Just make sure to take care of any water spills quickly.

Pro 3: Installation

Easy installation is one of the main draws to laminate floors. Even inexperienced individuals can quickly and effectively install this flooring. Rather than having to lay down concrete or drill screws, you connect pieces.

Pro 4: Maintenance

Next, another advantage of laminate floors is their easy maintenance. With some floors such as wood, you have to clean them often. Laminate floors require simple vacuuming and occasional sweeping.

Pro 5: Selection

Just like other flooring options, laminate floors come with a wide variety of designs, unique styles, and prices. This wide selection allows you to choose a laminate floor that looks great and meets your needs.

Con 1: Durability

One knock on laminate floors is that they aren’t as durable as other flooring options. Homeowners who use laminate often have to replace it every ten years. This can be both time consuming and expensive. Additionally, laminate floors can warp easily. If water seeps into laminate floors for too long, it can damage your floor.

Con 2: Appearance

Although appearance is entirely subjective, many people don’t like the look of laminate flooring. Laminate doesn’t quite provide the authentic look and feel that natural wood does.

Con 3: Finishing

Unlike flooring options such as wood, laminate can’t be refinished. This could end up making laminate floor replacement difficult and costly.

Con 4: Resell Value

Finally, laminate floors are not as popular as other flooring options such as hardwood, carpet, and tile. This shows in the home buying market. Homebuyers often look for homes with one of the above flooring types. Therefore, expect to sell your house at a lower price with laminate floors. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight into the pros and cons of laminate flooring. Use this post to decide whether laminate floors are the right option for you. If you’re interested in flooring, visit Doiggs in Rockwall, Texas.