You probably invested heavily to have hardwood floor installed in your home. It would be painful to be forced to have a floor replacement even before you exhaust its life-span because you didn’t take care of it. For that reason, it is essential to observe maintenance practices and tips that will keep your hardwood floors looking great for long. Regular Cleaning For daily cleaning, use a microfiber mop to trap dirt, hair, particles and any other household debris that possesses static energy. The microfiber mob does a great job than a sweeping broom. The mop is designed to clean swiftly without leaving marks behind. You should do it daily to prevent accumulation of dirt.

Vacuum cleaning with a soft-bristled brush weekly also helps in maintaining the aesthetic touch of a hardwood floor. Begin with sweeping the floor using the microfiber mob then gently pass the vacuum brush across the floor. Be sure not to use the beater bar attachment while using the vacuum. It may leave scratches behind. Damp-mop the hardwood floor at least once a month. Instead of using water like you would do with other floors, immerse the microfiber head in a hardwood floor cleaner. Using water or steam on hardwood floors contributes to its damage and diminishes its shiny, smooth touch. Other Maintenance Practices Ensure you clean the floor regularly to keep it smooth and damage free. For best results, use a microfiber to dust the floor daily, vacuum clean weekly and wet-mop monthly.

You could polish your hardwood floor every three months to maintain its shiny and smooth finish. The floor’s surface is typically polished with polyurethane or gloss that is prone to tear and wear hence the need to renew and refresh its appearance through polishing. Recoat the floor every three to five years to maintain its shine. Rather than replacing the entire flooring material, a contractor can help to coat the surface and fill in deep scratches, discoloration and other visible damages on the floor. Preventive Measures Clean up dirt and spills immediately to prevent your hardwood floor from stains. Dry the spot instantly using a microfiber mop to avoid damage. Avoid using water, ammonia or vinegar to clear the spill, if the spill is sticky use a damp cloth to dry the spot immediately. Protect the floor with carpets, rugs, and mats.

While mats and rugs can be used to complete the decor, they are also essential for trapping dirt. You can also place them in areas such as near sinks or around the dinner table where spills and water might settle. There are many types of mats, and you should ensure you purchase mats designed for use on hardwood floors. Avoid dragging furniture, heels or any sharp objects across the hardwood floor because they leave scratches behind. If you are having trouble maintaining your hardwood floor, you probably need to call in the experts at Doiggs. They have what it takes to install, repair and maintain a great hardwood floor. If its high time for you got a re-coat for the floor, give them an opportunity to serve you.