Call Doiggs Carpet Care In Rockwall For Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Caring for the area rugs and underlying padding in a home or business is important, but when you don’t have time for specialty shampooing or stain removal, you can call our company instead. If you live in the Dallas area, then you can call Doiggs Carpet Care located in Rockwall to have area rugs cleaned, repaired or protected.

We Have Industrial-strength Cleaning Equipment

If you have small area rugs in your home, then you should take the items outside to shake away the loose dirt, but this won’t remove embedded debris such as food or pet waste. Alternatively, it is too difficult to move furniture before rolling a large area rug to take it outside for cleaning. Fortunately, Doiggs Carpet Care has service vans filled with industrial-strength vacuuming and cleaning equipment so that our technicians can remove the ugly stains or foul odors from a rug’s fibers.

Our Company Offers Routine and Emergency Services

When you contact us, we can arrange a routine cleaning, repair or protection service for area rugs. However, we can also provide emergency cleaning and restoration services for rugs after a disaster such as having a water pipe break or when a toilet overflows. The best time to have moisture and dirt removed from a rug’s fibers is immediately after it is damaged, but our technicians can also remove old stains and debris to improve the appearance of an area rug.

We Analyze a Rug’s Fibers

It is important for us to to use the correct cleansers on different types of fibers, including wool, silk or polyester. In addition, we want to verify that the dyes in an area rug are colorfast to ensure that the fibers still look beautiful after it is cleaned thoroughly. Not only are we concerned about the top of an area rug, but also, we want to make sure that the backing is cleaned correctly.

Rug Repair and Application of Protective Treatments

After removing stains, odors and dirt from an area rug, our technicians can inspect it carefully to determine if it requires any repairs. Here are a few of the rug repair services that are provided by Doiggs Carpet Care:

  • Repairing loose fringe

  • Repairing raveling rug edges

  • Patching tears and holes

  • Binding rug edges with latex strips

  • Fixing pulled threads to improve the rug’s appearance

We recommend having rug pads cleaned and dried at the same time to have a sanitized walking surface for your family or customers. It is important to remember that dirt and moisture can trickle down through an area rug’s fibers onto the underlying padding. By cleaning the rug’s pad, you can prevent new contamination to the rug’s backing. Our technicians can also apply protective treatments to rugs to prevent additional damage from moisture and dirt.

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