Few things will disrupt your life more than a flood or fire in your home. Being able to react quickly and appropriately is paramount to your family’s safety, and to safeguarding your valuables.

Water Damage

If your house is flooding as you’re reading this, the most important thing to do is stop the source of the water. Once you’ve done that, remove as much water as possible either by sweeping or mopping; do not use a household vacuum cleaner. For your safety, do not use any electrical outlets and do not enter any rooms where the ceiling is sagging. For a complete list of dos and don’ts, see some Water Emergency Tips here.

Once you’ve dealt with the immediate emergency, time is still of the essence. Making quick, smart decisions can be the difference between saving your valuables and having to replace your valuables. Start by saving the things that can’t be replaced: that box with all of the art projects the kids did when they were in school, antique furniture, family heirlooms, or electronics with important files stored on them. Don’t wait until a pipe bursts or an appliance malfunctions to try and think of the most important things to save. Make a list now of all of your most valuable, irreplaceable items.

Once those things are safe, call in the professionals. Even if the flooding was minor, you’ll want an expert to make sure that walls, ceilings, and floors are thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth in the future. You’ll also want them to seal off any unaffected areas to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Fire Damage

As destructive as flooding can be, a fire is oftentimes a triple threat: there’s the obvious fire damage, then there’s smoke damage, and if you had to call the fire department, you’ll almost certainly have water damage, as well. With water damage again rearing its ugly head, you’ll want to have your list of irreplaceable items ready. Once the fire department says you can safely reenter the house, go check on the status of those things first.

Unbelievably, smoke is somehow even more penetrating than water, and the damage it causes presents several unique challenges. Your walls and soft goods will all need to be cleaned, your house will need ozone treatments to remove the smell, and even your air ducts will need a thorough cleaning. Hiring an experienced restoration team is crucial to being able to keep as many valuables as possible.

So Who Do You Call?

Doiggs is a proven, trusted restoration leader in the Dallas area. We are family owned and operated, and all of our employees are on staff, not sub-contracted. When fire and flooding turn your life upside down, you want a reliable crew to help you put the pieces back together, and get the job done right. Doiggs is fully insured, and we guarantee all of our work. We are available 24/7, so don’t delay; call now and start getting your life back to normal. (972)771-5771